BASIC Textile Transfer

The BASIC is the standard version of our transfer collection. The BASIC is suitable for many applications, such as promotional wear, casual wear and workwear.

HI-RES Textile Transfer

The HI-RES textile transfer is produced in a very high resolution which offers photographic quality. The HI-RES is the showpiece of our transfer collection and has a really beautiful appearance on your garment. Also suitable for various applications on promotional wear, casual wear, sportswear, fashion wear, company wear, including (beaver) nylon and polyester based fabrics.

Mammoth Heavy Duty Textile Transfer

The MAMMOTH is a durable textile transfer with high quality physical and graphic features. This product allows for high temperature washing and industrial cleaning. Pre-eminently suitable for the decoration of workwear, sportswear and high quality promotional wear, including (beaver) nylon and polyester fabrics.

Plottrans Transfer

De Plottrans transfers worden gesneden uit folie met een transparante drager en zijn daardoor eenvoudig zelf aan te brengen. Ook vrij kleine teksten zijn mogelijk. Plotter Flex logo's zijn geschikt voor promotionele kleding zoals polo's en t-shirts.